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2nd Prize

in NY Competition


Congrats to our piano

student, Calvin!

Buckhead. Midtown. Atlanta & Online



For all ages and levels

Classical. Baroque. Contemporary


Completely Customized Lessons

If there are 50 people, there should be 50 different styles of learning.
Why settle with mass produced content?

Therapeutic & No Torture!

It is a widely known misconception that one must suffer to learn the most.

Let's have FUN instead.

Interdisciplinary Approach

You receive the benefit of multiple and proven teaching methods...

Suzuki, Montessori, Yamaha, Russian Method, Solfege, and more. 

Yes, we use a little bit of everything, including apps.

No "Dumbing-Down"

You will learn more than just "pressing the right keys at right timings".

A serious level of tone development is carefully crafted so you can learn them with enjoyment.

No matter how old or what your level is.

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Lesson Feature
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About Maya

Creating Tailor-made Lessons for You

Quick Reference for Busy Bees

Registered instructor for a nationwide

private lesson agency

Classically trained in Japan

since 6-year old (Details below)

Fluent in:


Teaching experience includes:

music/art/Japanese instructor at Montessori and Waldorf schools

and corporate seminars

Played at:

Private Events, Celebrities' Parties,

Restaurants, Nursing Homes and hospitals (Pre-Covid)

Salon Pianist

Creative Pedagogy Researcher

Salon Pianist

"If there are 50 people, there should be 50 different styles of learning.

Why settle with mass produced content?"

With her unique background, Maya Mikimoto has a specialty in various piano-teaching methods for all ages. Her background includes psychology, human science and visual arts as well as piano and drums.


From an early age in Tokyo, she was classically trained in both art (under Keiko Negishi), and in piano (under Hiroko Kobayashi, who was under tutelage of Ruth Slenczynska). She also had exposures to Kenji Kobayashi. (The former concert masters at Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra). As he was one of the first disciples of Dr. Suzuki (of Suzuki Method), Maya was naturally drawn into different teaching styles of music and arts over the years.

She graduated from Waseda University, one of the most prestigious private schools in Japan, with a thesis on brain research, which correlates to the learning and the growth of humans in all developmental stages.

“If there are 50 people, there should be 50 different learning styles. Why settle with mass produced contents?” She incorporates her experiences in teaching art at Montessori and Waldorf schools as well, and creates customized contents for each student.

Over 20+ years in the US, the range of the subjects that she teaches has expanded, and now includes design and home organization such as KonMari method. However, her passion always remains as “sharing the joy of living.” It also reflects to her piano-performing style, which is fun and relaxed. Her salon concerts have attracted both beginners and experienced instrument players in different genres.

In order to further polish up her skills and pedagogy, she is currently taking lessons from Rina Akaboshi, a concert pianist in Germany and in Japan.

 More About Maya

Reading for Bookworms

About Teacher
Image by Irina Murza


Lessons/curriculum/study materials are completely customized for the student, yet fees are averagely priced.

Typically between $35 and $65 per lesson, depending on the age/level/frequency.

(Travel time and gas fee may apply.)

Each person has a unique set of musical background and wishes.

We will discover your own goal, wishes, and learning style.

If you don't own a piano/keyboard yet,

we will assist you in selecting

the right one according to your

desired achievement level.


Call/Text: 678-637-7538

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Once to Twice a Week
30 min
45 min
60 min

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