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About Maya Mikimoto

Maya believes that de-cluttering your home contributes to clarify the vision of your life and personal growth. 

Her background includes a degree in Interior Design (specialized in Lighting), and another degree in Human Science (with a thesis on endocrinology /behavior). As once a young executive in Corporate America, she experienced the complexity of living in today's world, and started offering consultation to people who are seeking more balance in their professions, homes, and family-life.

She applies her experience in Japanese traditional/modern decluttering techniques not only to homes, but to clients' physical and emotional struggles. She is also specialized in Konmari MethodTM, the proven tidying-up approach by Marie Kondo which is recognized in forty two countries (as life-changing experience per www.konmari.org).​


My Tidy Life Inc. realizes her vision of "We are all Muses to each other," thus offers passionate assistance transforming clients' dilemmas to a "Spark Joy TM" lifestyle. As a Japanese proverb says, "When we join our minds, our ideas are divine." So, let's talk. 

Above: With the official lecturer for KonMari Media Inc., Ms. Patty Morrissey at consultant certification course in LA.

Left: With Ms. Nozomi Takeda, one of the only two pupils with whom Ms. Marie Kondo worked in Japan.

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